Rental Policies


We encourage you to reserve your property online. By reserving your vacation rental home online, you are simply holding the house until we can talk with you personally. There is no obligation to keep the reservation, but it will hold the property long enough for us to call you back and in most cases it will give you priority over other parties trying to secure the vacation rental property. Prices can still be negotiated in most cases as well as duration of stay.

Once you input a reservation, we will contact you, discuss price, use and stay duration. If you want to secure the reservation after speaking with us, we will ask you for a non-refundable minimal downpayment to continue to hold the vacation rental for you. If your planned use, party size and negotiated price meet with the home owner's approval, you will receive a rental agreement via email. You will need to complete and sign the rental agreement and return it to us within 24 hours via fax or email.

Each vacation rental home may have a different stay minimum, age restriction, pet policy, gathering or use policies and damage deposit requirement. Since each of our vacation rental homes are offered by owner, located in various municipalities that can have different laws regarding use and stay, we need to review this information with you to ensure that your planned use matches the intended use of your selected property.

We typically require a refundable security damage deposit in addition to rent, cleaning fee and sales tax. Sales tax is 12% as we are taxed like hotels are taxed with 7% going to the State of Florida's Department of Revenue and 5% going to the county that the vacation rental home resides in. Security damage deposits are returned within 15 days after your departure as long the property is left in the condition you received it in, the property is not left exessively dirty, trash has been removed as instructed and all doors and windows are left locked. You do not need to contact us regarding the damage deposit. In the rare case that there are any issues, we will contact you immediately.

We accept credit card payments for the inital non-refundable down payment from guests to hold the vacation rental home, so that you can be comfortable that you have a firm reservation and can continue making travel plans. However, after the first down payment, cannot accept a credit card for amounts over that first payment. We are an online business and because we do not actually swipe the card, the card companies typically will not permit us to accept large subsequent payments online. All payments are non-refundable once received except the damage deposit. Thus, we strongly suggest that guests purchase travel insurance in case of an unexpected problem that might cause you to need to change your plans. We do not offer travel insurance at at this time, but it can be easily purcahsed online from a number of different companies.

Check in time is 4 p.m. and check our time is 10 a.m. We unfortunately cannot make an exception given that we need to conduct maintence and clean these large properties in the hours in between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. If you need an early check in time or late check out, you are sometimes able to pay for the additional time. If you do pay for additional time at the vacation rental home, please make sure to bring your receipt as our cleaners know that execeptions are only made by paid reservation and will ask to see the receipt.

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